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Effective training requires mastering both the subject matter and the brain's process for developing new skills. Simply teaching is not sufficient, especially when time is limited.

This is why a single tennis school in Russia has produced more female world champions than the rest of the world combined. How can you trust your skills if you’ve never had to use them in real-life situations?


Our mission is to create the best training programs outside of the military, utilizing top-of-the-line facilities and introducing new technologies to produce KPIs and reports that objectively represent driver performance.

We aim to ensure that drivers develop the necessary mindset to make decisions under the most stressful situations, with a clear cognitive understanding of the vehicle’s capabilities and limitations.


The racing industry invests the most in driver development, as it is a highly competitive sport where even the smallest mistake can be fatal.

Security is no different. By adopting the racing industry’s telemetry technology and deep understanding of driving dynamics, we can enhance security professionals’ training, creating a real, measurable skill set that can save lives in critical situations.


Living all your life inside a cave doesn’t make you a geologist, just as driving all your life doesn’t make you an instructor. As a Security Driver, you don’t need to know about physics, thermodynamics, or neuroplasticity, but your instructor does; these are the foundations of the science of driving and education.

We understand the science and use technology to ensure your training is based on solid principles, not just our assumptions.

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Who We Are

Developing a training program is no simple feat. Knowing about security or tactical operations is not enough. Designing a great program requires knowing how you learn, how your brain processes, stores, and retrieves information, especially under stress.

It requires knowing what mistakes were made in the past and developing a program that can rewire your brain to avoid them, all this in a short time frame.

That requires mastery! That’s what AS3 offers you, years of research in a two to three-day training program.

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We service clients of all sizes, trying to adapt to their particular needs. We cater to multinational clients with over 100 drivers and clients with just one with open enrollment courses designed even for the solo-practitioner.