At AS3 Driver Training, our training programs are intricately structured to build upon themselves over time, creating an evolving journey of skill acquisition and enhancement.

Starting with foundational skills in our initial training, we progressively introduce new, specialized techniques in subsequent programs. This structured progression ensures that each new skill is in harmony with the baseline skills established from the first training session.

Utilizing our advanced systems and dashboard, we consistently measure and track these skills, allowing for a precise and data-driven approach to skill development. This methodical and systematic progression ensures that our participants are continuously advancing, aligning with the latest in driving and security demands.




wed29may(may 29)8:00 amthu30(may 30)5:00 pmAdvanced [Counter-Ambush] Driving CourseWestern Colorado Dragway (Grand Junction, CO)

tue09jul(jul 9)8:00 amwed10(jul 10)5:00 pmAdvanced [Counter-Ambush] Driving CourseNorCal - NASA Crows Landing Airport and Test Facility

fri19jul(jul 19)8:00 amsat20(jul 20)5:00 pmTrain in Mexico - Advanced [Counter-Ambush] Driving CourseMexico City

mon30septue01octAdvanced [Counter-Ambush] Driving CourseLas Vegas Motor Speedway

mon30septue01octAdvanced [Counter-Ambush] Driving CourseLas Vegas Motor Speedway

thu14nov(nov 14)8:00 amfri15(nov 15)5:00 pmAdvanced [Counter-Ambush] Driving CourseSoCal - Willow Springs International Raceway

Advanced [Counter-Ambush] Driving Skills

(ACADS): Building Real-World Readiness

In our ACADS program, we focus intensely on creating a security driver mindset. This is where experience meets intuition – where understanding the limits of a vehicle and reacting instinctively in high-stress scenarios becomes second nature. Our training, developed from firsthand experience in high-threat environments, is not just about learning; it’s about ingraining the skills that can make life-or-death differences.

Key Aspects:

  • Real Experience: Fostering an environment where drivers feel what it’s like to lose control, setting the hardwiring for instinctive and correct responses in actual situations.
  • Scientific Approach: We align our techniques with research from leading automotive and security organizations, ensuring our training is grounded in proven scientific methods.

Who It’s For:

  • Corporate Security and Executive Protection Professionals: For those operating in high-threat environments, our course offers invaluable insights and real skills, measurable and impactful.

Accelerated Training [Level 2]:

Elevating Skills to Mastery

This course is designed for those who have already laid their foundational skills in ACADS. It’s about taking those skills to the next level – enhancing them and adding specialized capabilities. It’s rigorous and intense, focusing on practical, hands-on experiences that embed deep understanding and automatic reactions in critical situations.

Key Aspects:

  • Hands-on Experience: Understanding the vehicle’s limits through practical exercises and learning to avoid crises during escape maneuvers.
  • Realistic Training: Utilizing brand new vehicles for training, providing an authentic understanding of modern vehicle capabilities.
  • Stress Inoculation: Preparing drivers for real-life impacts, using the vehicle as a tool for prevention and defense.

Who It’s For:

  • Professional Security Drivers, Executive Drivers, and Protection Specialists: This course is tailor-made for those seeking to provide safe transportation in high-risk environments, enhancing their skills for real-world application.

Each course at AS3 Driver Training is designed with a specific purpose – to transform drivers into highly skilled professionals capable of handling the most extreme and unexpected driving scenarios. Our training is grounded in scientific research and practical experience, ensuring that our drivers are not just trained but are ready and instinctual in their responses, making them invaluable assets in any high-risk situation.


Evasive Driving for Executives and their Families

This 10-hour program is uniquely designed for executives who drive themselves and their families. It focuses on experimentation with extreme situations and the repetition of countermeasures, teaching critical skills often difficult to replicate safely elsewhere. Students learn the limits of their vehicles and how to maintain control in extreme situations, improving overall driving habits and highway driving. The course emphasizes making fast decisions to evade threats and prevent common crimes​.

Custom 1 Day Advanced Driving Course


A comprehensive program for professional security drivers, executive drivers, and protection teams, this course is tailored to introduce students to specialized skills and assess team proficiency. It uniquely certifies students’ skill levels in relation to vehicle capabilities using on-board computers. The course includes a 2-hour online vehicle dynamics basics class and practical exercises on the tarmac to develop skills like slalom, threat avoidance, and maneuverability under and oversteer. A final combined skills exercise evaluates skill levels and performance under stress​​.

Evasive Driving for Executives and their Families

This course is designed to equip drivers with essential skills for navigating winter roads safely. Utilizing Easy Drift DTS technology, it simulates low-grip scenarios for real-world practice in skid recovery. The course focuses on vehicle dynamics, understanding friction and its effects on driving, and managing vehicles in cold weather. Practical exercises include friction and slide control, braking on a skid, and handling surface transitions, teaching drivers to quickly recognize and react to various winter driving conditions​​.

[2-Day] Vehicle Operations Course

A comprehensive 2-day course with an online training component focusing on Communication, Coordination, and Control – the 3 C’s of motorcade operations. It includes vehicle preparation, route planning, understanding motorcade operations, and both verbal and non-verbal communication techniques. Practical exercises on the track cover skills like screening, blocking, lane changes, vehicle transfers, and more. The course is offered in California and includes one-year access to online materials, certified instructors, and various vehicles for training​​.

[HEAT] - High-Threat Environment Awareness Training

HEAT Training is an advanced course designed to complement prevention measures by preparing individuals for situations where prevention fails. It’s a high-fidelity stress exposure training that familiarizes participants with the sensations and decisions required during an attack.

Course Components:

  • Classroom Discussions: Covering prevention timing, risk definition, situational awareness using combat profiling techniques, and decision-making based on the OODA Loop theory.
  • Practical Scenario-Based Training: Focuses on real-world scenarios like ambushes, kidnappings, roadblocks, and active shooter situations. The training includes modular practices covering roadblocks, ambush response, and emergency action skills.

Course Structure:

  • A combination of 4 to 6 hours of classroom instruction followed by 3 hours of scenario-based practical training.

This course allows participants to experience and learn how to respond effectively when faced with high-threat situations, emphasizing the importance of preparedness for real-world scenarios where typical prevention methods might not suffice​​.


Times have changed, and we have evolved with them to maximize your time at the track; therefore, we have eliminated all onsite classroom time and migrated to a hybrid learning experience; this has granted us four more hours of hands-on training on the tarmac.

Knowledge is essential, and the lack of it will create incomplete skills that will disappear very fast from your brain; we need you to make sense of what you are doing behind the wheel for the right mindset to be created.

For this purpose, we have joint forces with EP Access to create a virtual classroom and some self-assessment forms that you can access at your own pace that will help get you ready for the real thing.

Every student must have finished all the virtual training before coming to the track by visiting and using their personalized code to access the course.


All our advanced courses are measured in real-time via Racelogic computers; they have the most advanced technology, which allows us to know each participant’s skill level beyond a simple interpretation of the instructor.

A performance report will be issued for every student at the end of each course, allowing teams and employers to understand:

  1. the skill level of each of their drivers, and
  2. the ability of each of them to apply these skills in different scenarios with increasing degrees of difficulty and stress.

These reports will allow managers to identify the individuals within their team that are the best performing assets for different situations.