Chris Story’s Testimonial

Chris is not only a security consultant and leader with over 20 years of experience in risk intelligence and protective operations, but also one of the most recognized practitioners and instructors of EP operations within the industry, he's a board member of the International Protective Security Board, and our go-to man for teaching any EP related subjects outside of driving....

Shawn Thibeault’s Testimonial

Shawn is a retired Law Enforcment Officer from Las Vegas, NV, as an experienced Police Officer and professional trainer himself made an important remark "I wish someone had taught us what I learned in the online portion of the training while I was at the PD" We were honored and humbled to have him say that about our course.

Chris Gurzi’s Testimonial

Chris is an Executive Protection agent and Security Driver working in the LA area. This was Chris' first time training and he was first of his class in performance and vehicle control in defensive and evasive maneuvers all of which were measured and recorded using or state-of-the-art onboard telemetry computers.