Security Awareness Online Training

Duration: 2.5 hours aprox

A collection of concepts that, when turned into habits, will create an enhanced state of security for you, your clients, and even your family.

These concepts are based on the real-life experience and analysis of hundreds of kidnapping cases and attacks in some of the most threatened countries in the world, the US and Europe.

Understanding these concepts will provide you with invaluable tools to turn you and your clients into unappealing targets for criminals, whether in your hometown or traveling abroad.

The concepts included in this course are:

  • Basic dynamics of security
  • Concepts of prevention while driving
  • The anatomy of an ambush
  • Lessons learned from ambushes around the world
  • Simplified situational awareness concepts

You can’t afford not to know this if you’re traveling to Mexico or Latin America.

Advanced Driving Virtual Training

Duration: 2.5 hours aprox

Understanding “Driving” from a technical standpoint

Knowledge and skill exist in different parts of the brain, and demystifying the tool you use is the first step towards proper driving skills; being able to foresee the outcome of a decision before it happens is what differentiates a skilled driver from the rest of the pack.

Discussion of the forces that act upon a car (friction, momentum, and centrifugal force) and how acceleration, deceleration, and cornering affect it, and what the driver can, or cannot, do to minimize the effects of those forces.

Introduction to High-Energy Driving

After this discussion, you will understand vehicle and driver performance factors, including mechanical and physical limitations, and what you can do to enhance both.

  • Accident causes and dynamics (Not the usual boring safety briefing)
  • Correct Seating Position
  • Seatbelts, what you must know.
  • Advanced Time-Distance Concepts (MPH vs FPS)
  • Reaction Times
  • Common causes for loss of control (Understeer and Oversteer)