Lt. Joshua Solomon

Josh Solomon

Sr Instructor

Lt. Solomon presently serves as the Training Unit supervisor for the York County Sheriff’s Office, overseeing a contingent of around 50 instructors, as well as coordinating our Field Training Program which accounts for 14 additional FTO’s.


Prior to this assignment, He has served the York County Sheriff’s Office in many capacities, including the roles of Training Sgt, K9 Handler, SRO, Shift Supervisor, and Traffic Enforcement Officer.

South Carolina Training Officer’s Association

Vice President & Conference Organizer October 2014 – Present


  • Certified Training Manager – SCCJA
  • Certified BID – SCCJA
  • FTO Manager – SCCJA
  • MACP Instructor – US Army
  • Krav Maga Instructor
  • Tactical Shooting Instructor – NRA
  • Firearms Instructor – SCCJA
  • Driving Instructor – SCCJA
  • Defensive Tactics (PPCT) and Ground Defense Instructor – SCCJA
  • SFST Instructor – NHTSA & SCCJA